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InstaThis: Your Instagram prints on wood and acrylic!

1 minutes

InstaThis, a new streamlined service that connects directly to your Instagram photos and creates stunning prints on wood or acrylic. Now, instead of merely viewing your prints digitally, you can arrange them in your home or office to match your style — or give them as gifts to family, friends, and business colleagues.

Who is behind it? InstaThis is a joint venture between Rule29 and Birddog, Inc – both who are committed to exploring creative solutions and opportunities for emerging technologies.

How does it work? Using a unique mix of web-to-print technology and handmade craftsmanship, InstaThis creates one-of-a-kind wall art in a variety of sizes at a reasonable cost with significant discounts for ordering multiple prints (up to 40%). If you choose wood, the natural wood grains come through the image and the colors pop off the birch. Choose acrylic, and the vibrancy of the colors combine with the polished finish to create a truly stunning piece.

Print your own. Get started today at:

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