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It’s By a Show of Hands Time!

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Happy Hand Turkey Season!

For those returning hand-turkey enthusiasts, it’s that time of year again! ✋🏽🦃 For those of you who are new to the cause, the Rule29 team has a long-standing tradition (16+ years) of welcoming our extended community to our yearly hand-turkey competition. “Why?” you ask – because we believe EVERYONE should carve out (pun definitely intended) time to exercise those creative muscles. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Let’s get the competition hotter than the oven (don’t tell the turkeys!) this year. Share this with your friends, families, heck, even strangers at the store, we don’t care! Take this post and share it, text it, snapchat it, and/or send it via carrier pigeon (or turkey for the highly committed). Whatever you do, make sure others know so they can join the fun!

When it comes to turkeys, the possibilities are endless! 🎨 We like clever. We like simple. We like crazy. We like seeing whatever your minds dream up and your hands create. Please note: There are prizes and even a title you can add to your LinkedIn profile that could very well change your life! 🏆

The deadline is Saturday, November 25 so get started today at!