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Justin talks about “Branding Passion” at Creative Mornings!

1 minutes

“How will you serve others?”

In his talk for Creative Mornings Chicago, Justin took the attendees through the overall branding passion structure that Rule29 has used and has been refining over time. The case study for this talk was the four years of Rule29, and thier partners, running the design for good project Wheels4Water. What is branding passion? It is using your ability and giving of yourself to shift perspective and to create impact for social change. This can take many forms, but the first and most important factor is this concept of passion. When taking on a project, here are three factors for deciding what to take on: Passion, Culture, and Marketing. You can be a force for social change. The first part is the hardest, and that is to just make a leap. Once you decide what you’re passionate about and decide to take action, the rest will fall into place.