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LEO Featured in Graphic Design USA

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LEO was recently featured in Graphic Design USA’s June edition. LEO is a project that we at Rule29 are very passionate about. The mission of LEO is simple, yet challenging: encourage everyone to show more positivity, kindness and love. We believe that amidst all the negativity and chaos in the current climate, we need to accept and support all people, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes them different from you. Check out LEO’s website for sticker packs and ways you can share the love with premade #LEOMoments. On Instagram you can find our LEO Moments with friendly reminders and ideas of how to Love Each Other more. From buying a coffee for a friend, lending an ear, or calling your mom, we want to spread the love and make this world a better place to be. We really appreciate GDUSA featuring LEO and Rule29 and hope that their readers will take the challenge to Love Each Other.

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