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Long Live the Legume: Mr. Peanut’s Tragic Death

2 minutes

January 22: 10 AM CST- Mr. Peanut was announced dead at the young age of 104. 

For those of my pop-culturists, you may have heard of the heartbreaking news of the one, the only, Mr. Peanut. If you haven’t yet, I am so sorry to be the one to break the news. For those of you that have been grieving for the past 2 days, come here you.


While I am devastated, the amount of love and outreach I have seen via the interwebs has made my broken heart feel weirdly whole. Take a look:

Brands far and wide have been reaching out to our dearly beloved to express their condolences and the world just ate (pun intended) it up. With over 100,000 likes, shares, retweets, drawings, comments, carrier pigeons, Mr. Peanut’s death rocked us all. And got us talking about a 104 year-old nut. Pretty wild what social media can do for brands. Connect with us to see what social can bring to the table. We can’t promise we won’t kill off your mascot, but we can promise some strategies that will work for you and your customers. Let us know how Mr. Peanut’s death affected you or what we can help you with here.

To conclude:

To our dear Mr. Peanut you provided us peanut puns that I am not entirely sure you realized had some oddly sexual undertones but we love you for it. The peanut game will nut be the same without you. Thank you for everything. Rest easy sweet prince.