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Love and Kindness in the Moment #LEO

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Hey wonderful you. What’s Up? Are you having a good day? We hope so—actually wait—we hope you have A GREAT FRIGGIN DAY. We are so happy to have you around. We think you are spectacular.

Did that make you uncomfortable? Was that weird? Stick with us here but it’s kinda weird that it’s kinda weird to show a stranger some love, isn’t it?

At Rule29, we like to practice what we preach. You will often hear one of us say “good is good for business” but what does that look like in practice? Well, it can mean a lot of different things you can discover them all here but one way we like to share the “good” is by sharing kindness and support. Whether that is with a stranger or a coworker, there is always an opportunity to change someone’s day for the better.

That’s why we created LEO or by its full name, Love Each Other.

Our mission is simple: we want to encourage everyone in the world to show more love. We believe that amidst all the negativity and chaos in the current climate, we need to accept and support all people, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes them different from you. We strive to develop strong empathy skills by participating in open and honest dialogue and positive acts of service. We support positive social activism, and, above all, we think the world would be a better place if everybody would just Love Each Other.

With FREE (yes, you read that right) stickers and shareable memes, our hope is for you to get involved and make the world a better place. Whether it is checking in on a friend, baking cookies for a neighbor, or simply keeping a smile on your face, you can make a difference on somebody’s day. Let’s learn to love again.

Curious how you can bring Good into your business? We can help.


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P.S. We are pretty inquisitive at Rule29. We are always looking for something new to tinker with or explore. LEO is a Rule29 Labs production and you can check out more of our explorations here.

With Love,

Whether that is what a stranger or a coworker, there is always an opportunity to change someone’s day for the better.

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