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Video editing illustration of keyframes and a bouncing ball Video editing illustration of keyframes and a bouncing ball
Make an Impact with Motion

Bring Your Brand's Story to Life Through Video and Motion Graphics

Video marketing is one of the most impactful ways to convert sales, to find new leads, and to share your story.

While live-action video may not be totally possible everywhere right now, there are a variety of video techniques that can make an impact for your business and resonate with your audience. Below are some video styles that you can utilize to grab attention.


Gifs can tell your story in 5 seconds or less on a continuous loop. These are great for social, email, or digital campaigns. These can quickly grab attention and can even potentially be reshared on personal customer platforms if done well.

Text animation cycling through different ways UNICEF helps children
Better Way Farms Animated Ads

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can tell your story in long-form. Whether it is a new offering, a rebrand, or just reaffirming your customer base that you are still there for them, motion graphic videos can be powerful.

Stop Motion

Stop motion takes a bit more time to produce but the end result is something that is sure to make a lasting impression. Stop motion videos are created of thousands of images stitched together with minor movement. For the right campaign, these can also be created and edited down to gifs to get the most out of your video on various platforms.

Set of 5 video editing icons

Looking for more examples to help brainstorm your next move? Want to talk about bringing your brand to life? We are here.