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Make the Sale

Sales Presentations for a New World

Business meetings look a little different now but that’s okay. You can still make a connection with your potential client by utilizing a powerful sales deck.

When sales presentations are done well, you will leave a positive lasting impression on your potential client that may very well win you the job. When sales presentations are rushed and sloppy, your potential client will feel that is a reflection of your work, and you may be setting yourself up for failure. To make sure you put your best foot forward, here are a few things you can do to set your presentation apart from competitors easily and efficiently.


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Use Animations

When it comes to animations, they can certainly liven up a presentation. But we ask, no we beg, please don’t overdo it. A flame transition is pretty cool we will admit, but does it interfere with your message? Also, if you are able to use Keynote or a similar presentation software, we highly recommend it. Keynotes can easily be customized and have a variety of custom animations that can be used.


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Create an Arsenal of Case Studies

While your standard sales deck may work for 75% of your presentation, there should be a level of customization to every pitch you give. This allows your audience to gain a better understanding of how you can serve them. By creating an arsenal of case studies or work that may apply to a specific industry/request, you can tailor your presentation to the specific request at hand.


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Present, Don’t Read

We know, we aren’t all public speakers. But this is so important to make a connection with your audience. If you read verbatim from the slide you may lose attention and as a result, lose sales. Present a few bullet points on the slide to help guide you through the pitch, and tell the story in your own way.


If you are looking for a new, fresh, and flexible sales presentation, get in touch with us now. We will help you get there.

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