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Making Culture Matter for a Better (Hybrid) Work Environment

1 minutes

Building a stronger culture.

As we live in a partially remote working world, we must think of innovative ways to seek company culture while having employees across the nation. That said, R29ers were able to meet up in real life for a long-awaited work retreat. It was a time for many things; creating open discussions, gaining a deeper understanding of R29’s mission and values, but most importantly, it was a chance to strengthen R29’s company culture. 

Image of team

Working with a guest speaker explaining our preferred behaviors.

Company culture will increase employees’ happiness and productivity, as well as produce stronger work and a better environment for everyone. Building a robust and well-rounded company starts by cultivating a strong culture within. It’s about knowing yourself and your co-workers on a more profound level; R29 is committed to continuing exploring our Insights training to learn our (and our co-workers) preferred behavior – more on that to come! As a business, it is our responsibility to make sure we continue to improve and increase the quality of our employees’ professional lives. R29 is making culture matter, are you?


Rule29 team

Our team going over the Insights four-color energies during our training.