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Marketing Made Simple Podcast Featuring StoryBrand’s Dr. J.J. Peterson and Rule29’s Justin Ahrens

1 minutes

If you thought StoryBrand was only for messaging and copywriting, we’re here to change your mind. Did you know you can also use the StoryBrand framework for building and strengthening your design projects? No matter if you’re working on messaging or design, to be successful, you need to make the customer the hero of the story, while you play the guide.

In today’s episode, J.J. and April are joined by StoryBrand Certified Guide and Rule29’s Chief Evangelist, Justin Ahrens. Justin talks about how you can implement the StoryBrand framework into every part of the process when it comes to building out a design for your business or a client.

If you want to learn more about StoryBrand or need help with branding for your next project, contact Justin Ahrens