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Rule29 and Justin Ahrens were a part of MatterCo’s Live Design Matter Conversation with Debbie Millman and Steven Morris

1 minutes

Debbie Millman, Justin Ahrens & Steven Morris Author Talk from Steven Morris on Vimeo.

On December 19th, MatterCo founder, Steven Morris hosted a live virtual conversation alongside accomplished author Debbie Millman, and our Chief Brand Officer, Justin Ahrens. These 3 share common passions for entrepreneurship, brand development, and most importantly broadening the impact of creative work, which also happens to be the subject of their conversation. They understand not only the capacity, but necessity and responsibility to leverage their experiences to create purposeful and life-changing designs for current and future industry leaders. As Stephen puts it: “Perhaps, it is designers, in the highest professional sense, that are best trained and equipped to help usher in a new reality — for business, society, and the world”. The conversation was hosted live via Zoom on December 19th and the recording is embedded above!