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Matters of Wonder at #HOWlive Boston 2012

3 minutes


I’ve had the privilege of representing the team from Rule29 at several HOW Design Conferences, but this past conference in Boston was really special. I was able to give a presentation on Wonder, a word and a state of being that has grown near and dear to me, thanks mainly to the many conversations I have had with our creative producer, Bob Davidson. At Rule29 we strive to not only make great strategic creative matter, but also to do our part in some way to leave this world better than how we find it. We can easily get caught up in the ways our world doesn’t work, but what’s the point in that? A key part of making creative matter is pursuing wonder through story, through how we see, and most importantly creating space for it whenever possible. Wonder is like a super fuel for the creative, and it’s vital for anyone who wants to see the AWE all around us.

I have received a few requests to share the quotes and our thoughts on elements of Wonder used during my presentation and I do that below.

Authenticity Cultivates Wonder

Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think – Dr. Seuss [ download pdf ]

Create Space for Wonder in Your Life

He Who Can No Longer Pause and Stand Rapt in Awe is as Good as Dead His Eyes are Closed – Albert Einstein [ download pdf ]

Elevate Everyday Beauty Great example Vivian Maier

It’s Not What You Look at That Matters, it’s What You See – Henry David Thoreau
[ download pdf ]

It was truly a pleasure to be at HOW, and I hope to speak again whenever they will have me. As I strive to explore the discipline of wonder, I’m excited to see where it will take me and the rest of the design monkeys at Rule29.

Other HOW highlights included creating a poster for Neenah Paper with a group of other brilliant creatives I respect, Life Kerning book signing and app giveaway, raising a pint at Cheers, singing in a Karaoke trio with Vonster and Stefan Mumaw, great conversations, and seeing some old friends and making some really incredible new ones.

Stay tuned for other wonder-filled things coming from Rule29 (in the near future), and maybe we will see each other in San Francisco for the next HOW conference. Oh, and don’t forget: Wonder is all around us… will you see it?