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Ongoing Support Towards Peace in Ukraine!

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The invasion of Ukraine has been devastating as families are separated, evacuated, and forced to fight for their lives. That is why we created the site where individuals can purchase a poster and 100% of proceeds go to organizations making a direct impact to support Ukrainians who need it most. To date, we are thrilled to announce that we have helped raise over $1,400 to offer relief to the people of Ukraine as we stand in partnership with a number of wonderful organizations. While it is exciting to hit these milestones, what is far more important to us is seeing the positive impact these contributions have on Ukranians firsthand. Looking for a way to get involved and show direct support to Ukrainians in their time of need? Consider purchasing our “Where Love Grows” poster featuring a vibrant sunflower (the country’s national flower) embodying love and strength amidst a setting of chaos. If you are interested in learning more about additional ways you can show your support, information on all the organizations fueling this initiative can be found here.