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Headshot of Simon Sinek Headshot of Simon Sinek

Our Current Favorites

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Like you, the Rule29 team has had time to catch up on all things television, podcasts, reading, and more during the quarantine. We LOVE podcasts. One of our favorites right now is “A Little Bit of Optimism with Simon Senek,” specifically his episode with Andy Grammar. In this podcast, Simon talks about all things optimism – where it comes from, how people experience it, and so much more. It is worth the listen to leave feeling encouraged to serve! 

Another podcast that we’re loving is “Design Of” by Rule29. See what we did there, wink wink. Recently we’ve interviewed Nichole Carter and had an open and honest conversation about race, #BlackLivesMatter, privilege, and what America feels like for people of color. 

We’ve also recently read this article about how we’re feeling during the pandemic. It made a lot of sense to us and offers great perspective about our surge capacity. If you’ve felt a little bit awful during these times, don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen!