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Our Cutest Logo Yet

1 minutes

In 2017, we rebranded Batavia Public Schools and designed the family of mascots for the district’s schools. This winter we were able to create the new Batavia Early Childhood mascot, and we think it may be the cutest logo we’ve ever done. The Batavia Early Childhood center is located in the Alice Gustafson Elementary School and is home to children ages 3–5. For more than 30 years, the Early Childhood program has given preschoolers a strong start to their education, including those with special needs. We are honored to have the privilege to work with such an amazing organization. 

We created a puppy version of the Batavia High School bulldog logo for the childhood center to appeal to the young children there. This logo was designed to pair well with the other logos in the district and to easily become recognizable in the BPS brand. The puppy quickly turned into the most adorable logo in the family. 

The brand-new puppy logo is going to look great on the website, t-shirts, and other brand collateral. We enjoy working locally with the Batavia Public School district and are excited to see the logo in use!