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Our Take on Cause Design in Fast Company Exist

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In case you missed it, you should definitely check out our article about Cause Design that was featured in Fast Company Exist.

The article explains that, more often than not, design professionals can become immeshed in their businesses and become blind to areas of weakness and opportunities for growth. We believe that, in whatever industry you work, you should take chances on projects that are outside of your particular context. This kind of work can give you the ability to see what your assumptions are, where your processes fall short, and where your greatest strength really lie. More so than anything, because of your unfamiliarity with other contexts, taking such opportunities can give you the unique ability to be a “newcomer” to the game, to see with fresh eyes, and to rejuvenate your passions.

Take a look at the article and share it with your friends! We promise it’s worth the read!