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rednow – The Art of Wonder

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The constant overabundance of information in our lives often leads a feeling of monotony. There is so much that it quickly becomes familiar. But we are curious folks that love the concept of discovery and wonder.

Founded by our very own creative producer, Bob, rednow is a creative collective committed to a new discipline of seeing, hearing, and experiencing through the art of wonder. A community of contributors is the heart of rednow, providing their picks for the most wonder-full films, music, art, and more.

This is not a review site of the latest in entertainment. Rather, it is a place to take a step further into media and experience what it has to say about our lives, this world, and the reality behind it all.

Today, we launched the newly updated rednow website and invite you to join in the conversation of all that is beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, and remarkable.

Visit to experience the art of wonder.