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Rule29 and AIGA Design Leader Certification

1 minutes

AIGA brings design to the world and the world to designers through their latest initiative: a new professional certification program. As the design profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization—with more than 70 chapters and over 15,000 members—AIGA promotes design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and fundamental cultural force. 

Our Chief Brand Officer, Justin Ahrens, had the privilege of serving as a certifier for AIGA’s Design Leader Certification. In this role, he collaborated with another distinguished AIGA member to evaluate and assess the final presentations of promising Design Leader candidates.

Serving as a certifier is a profound honor that allows us to unite with fellow professionals within the design community. Through this collaboration, we can contribute collectively to the advancement of individuals who are dedicated to the design profession, committed to lifelong learning, and who currently hold or aspire to management or leadership roles. We take immense pride in celebrating the accomplishments of new members and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their inspiring journey.

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