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Rule29 Has 9 Winners in LogoLounge Book 12

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LogoLounge is the largest design competition of its kind, with only the world’s top logos making the cut. Rule29 is excited to announce that in this year’s Logo Lounge Book 12 we have 9 of our logos selected as winners. Out of over 42,200 logos submitted, we are very proud of our team’s work to be among the top 3,000 logos in the book. This is our 12th feature in the LogoLounge book! Check out our winners from this book and past! 

This year was also special because our Chief Evangelist, Justin Ahrens, was among nine jurors. Of course, he couldn’t vote for our submissions. 🙂  

Our designs for 302 Wheaton, Fellowes Studio, Illinois Wesleyan University, The Wicked Root (3), CloudSense, LivCor, and StressRoot have all earned a spot in the 2020 competition. 

Rule29 Winning Logos