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Rule29 Helps Launch a New Data Driven Brand

1 minutes

The Rule29 team recently had the opportunity to brand our latest SaaS technology company. InFolk, which is also a Marrow company, creates tools to help small business owners and leaders make data-driven decisions that create thriving organizations. Along with the InFolk brand, website, and full brand identity, we also helped design and think through their first public product, InHire which was recently launched. Our efforts were combined with the brilliant developers at Rebar as we worked collaboratively to create a powerful, easy-to-use UI and brand extension to enhance the user experience and overall impact of the product.

InHire is a tool created to give leaders unique insights and information about making purposeful hiring decisions to grow their businesses. Unlike other tools that focus on a candidate’s wiring, personality, or fit for a job, InHire zooms out to assess how a candidate will fit and impact your organization through individual responses and by utilizing the power of AI.

The Rule29 team has already started using InHire and is excited about the impact it will have on our growing team! We highly recommend you try InHire today, as it will empower you to see beyond the surface and uncover the true potential of candidates.

Sign up today and witness the future of hiring firsthand: