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Rule29 Opens A New Office

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But before we dive into the details, riddle us this: What U.S. city averages 211 clear days and 85 partly cloudy days per year, boasts 6 national forests, and is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions, coyotes, wild boars and mountain lions? (Hint: If you answered Des Moine, Iowa, you’re wrong. Sorry, Des Moine fans.)

No, folks, we are talking about Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix: the home of the Diamondbacks, the Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus and now….the official second home of Rule29! That’s right, you heard us!

A few weeks ago we officially opened the proverbial doors of our Rule29 office in Phoenix, AZ and welcomed in our first Arizona team member, Wendy Hafen. Originally hailing from Southern California, Wendy has been working in Phoenix for the last 7+ years, developing relationships in the creative community through her distinct marketing abilities. Now she is our feet on the ground out in the Valley of the Sun, helping to build out Rule29’s presence in the West, and we could not be happier to have her!

We anticipate sharing more good news with you in the future as we continue to make our way through the deserts (Moses imagery, anyone?) to bring good strategic creative to the fine people of Arizona!