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Rule29 Participates in Team RWB’s Eagle NamasDay

1 minutes

At Rule29, each team member has an initiative — something they are passionate about and can bring as an added value to the team and our culture. One initiative, run by Ali Dorn, is all about wellness and keeping the Rule29 headquarters a happy and healthy place. 

Within our initiatives we try to include our clients in as many  ways as possible. In February, Team RWB, an organization that connects veterans, celebrated World Yoga Day with Eagle NamasDay. Every day that week, veterans and supporters gathered for a yoga practice, which seemed like the perfect fit for our wellness initiative. 

That Friday afternoon the Rule29 team grabbed our yoga mats and gathered in the front room for a virtual practice. US Army Veteran and Team RWB member Rafael Rivera led the practice and shared how yoga has saved his life after a difficult transition home. His inspiring story and how he lives a positive life was heartwarming and aligned with our wellness goals. 

Our hope is not only to love where we work and what we do, but also be a part of causes that mean so much to us. This was a fantastic way to bond as a team and connect with a great client. We can’t wait for next year’s Eagle NamasDay!

Learn more about Team RWB and how you can join or support them here