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Rule29’s Ultimate Step Challenge

1 minutes

At Rule29, we’re working from home, and from time to time, we have been guilty of sitting at our home desks from 9-5 with little breaks to run to the kitchen, restroom, or whatever it may be! Therefore, our daily step count game can be weak. 👣

According to a New York Times article, taking just a five-minute walk during the workday can lift moods, reduce lethargy, and improve overall health!

Ergo, our Culture Team worked on an initiative to encourage us to get up and away from our desks. Commence, the ultimate Rule29 step challenge. The challenge entails tracking and logging our daily steps, and at the end of each quarter, the one with the most steps gets a pretty nice reward; a gift card and an extra mental health day! Many of us have been getting in steps by taking walks during the workday, walking our pets, grabbing coffee nearby, or just walking to get the mail! Either way, the step challenge has been a great daily reminder to get up, stretch, and get some fresh air.

So we encourage those reading to incorporate this into their daily routine, either with a team or yourself, and experience a great shift in both personal and work life. Time to step up your step game!

So, how many steps did it take for someone to reign in as Rule29’s number 1 stepper in Q1? …🥁🥁 839,358 steps.😱

Our Q2 winner stepped an astonishing 791,288 steps!

Stay tuned for new challenges the Culture Team comes up with to keep the team healthy, mind and body!