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Stained glass landscape with heart in the center Stained glass landscape with heart in the center

Do Good, See Good. Feeling Grateful This Holiday Season.

3 minutes

We know the holidays can bring a lot of mixed emotions. Whether it is the family encounters, or the lack thereof due to…well, just anything really…we just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to see the good this holiday season. On the Rule29 side, we have come together to create a list of things we are grateful for that we wanted to share with you! Are any of these also on your list? Let us know what you are thankful for, and tell the people in your life if they are one of them!


Globe ornament

1. New experiences and stories

We can all learn from each other every day!

Smiling faces ornament

2. Friends and family

That stay connected with us on social media!

Coffee and Christmas cookie ornament

3. Holiday cookies and coffee

And fun small-business owned cookie cutters!

Target shopping basket ornament

4. Target

And their beautifully festive Dollar Spot.

Book ornament

5. Moments to learn

From places like LinkedIn Learning.

Spotify logo ornament

6. Spotify’s daily mixes

Or custom playlists made by yours truly.

Video game controller ornament

7. Video games

We are a blended PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation family.

Heart ornament

8. Nonprofit organizations

Including our friends at Team RWB, UNICEF, Good Tidings, IJM, and Courage365.

Pizza ornament

9. Pizza

With pepperoni, sausage, veggies… and omg we’re hungry!

Smiling face on star ornament

10. YOU

You are wonderful.

Thank you all for another great year! We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.