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Seeing Design for Good Take Shape in Ethiopia!

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In September 2019 the 6th Wheels4Water ride took their efforts to new heights . . . literally! The team rode four of the highest peaks in Colorado to raise funds for four villages in the highlands of Ethiopia in four days. With the support of sponsors and individual donors, the 2019 ride raised over $95,000 and surpassed the four-village goal. All in all, eight villages were impacted and will now be able to live healthier lives for generations to come! 

The Wheels4Water team made a trip to Bensa, Ethiopia, in late January 2020 to see the impact from their efforts. While there, the team saw the wells that have been built and the generational impact of bringing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training to the villages. The trip was full of joy, tears, and hope for the life-changing progress that projects like Wheels4Water can make for entire villages. The first water source completed in one of the eight villages supported by the 2019 ride was finished just a few weeks before the team’s arrival. It was thrilling for the team to see the well being used firsthand, and we look forward to watching the next seven receive their safe water sources and be certified by Lifewater as healthy villages. Check out that first well in one of the villages in Bensa here.

There’s still a lot to be done, and the 2020 teams are hoping that you might consider giving at least $50 to save a life by providing safe water and training. Please consider giving or sharing the Wheels4Water story. 

To see a sampling of photos from the trip click here 🙂