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Staying Sane(ish)

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If you’re reading this and you’re in quarantine, we are right there with you. We are all going a little stir crazy. Below are some things R29 is doing to stay sane(ish) during these unprecedented times that could maybe help you and yours.



If you are reading this and we are all out of quarantine, how awesome. What was the first thing you ate at a restaurant? We wanna know.

Walk it, Talk it.



As the Migos once said ~85 times in their hit song “Walk it, Talk it,” take some time go outside, stretch the legs, and walk your four-legged pet friend. Taking a stroll helps relieve stress by cranking up those endorphins which are your brain’s “feel-good neurotransmitters.” In the past 2 weeks, our team collectively has been on a mix of 93 walks, rollerblade sessions, bike rides, and we couldn’t be prouder of them STEPPIN’ it up… get it? Also, yes, we took a poll.

What’s the plan, man?



Not having a plan or a “pla,” as Phoebe would say, can make you feel down or anxious or both. But let’s be honest — who could have planned for this? 

We may not have planned for but now is the time to start. As you ask yourself, “How am I going to bring in business during a time like this?” think about how you can connect with your customers. Come up with a plan on how to even start a conversation with them. Establish a tone of empathy and authority (as our beloved Don Miller says) but also authenticity. Empathize with your customers in that you understand times are tough, and authentically encourage them to still support you by giving X off your most recent purchase or service in the coming months. The reason we have authenticity bolded is that we really want you to take note that an offering that feels gimmicky or tone-deaf can have the opposite effect on your customers.

Getting the band back together



It can get lonely out there since we are all hanging inside. We try to connect with one another all together in one zoom meeting at least once a day. Communication is key and at a time like this you can’t overcommunicate. Our Friday Zoom meetings are extra fun and end the week on a high note with a celebration! We all get together, reflect on the week, pour a drink (if you are so inclined), and say what we are grateful for. Here’s a snapshot of our most recent. We have also added themes to our Friday Sayonaras. This week’s theme was fancy (imagine that sparkled as you read it like some good ole clipart font would).

Keeping it Fre$h



The world is changing daily, and we need to change with it. That means we have to keep things Fre$h. A lot of businesses need to figure out a new way to tell their story or even redefine how their products/services fit into this new normal. Since face to face contact at this point is unattainable, now is the time to revamp your marketing automation, social media, or online webinars. The digital space is a great way to continue to connect with your target audiences quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Send an email! Tweet something! Stay top of mind and approach your customers with authenticity.

It’s crazy out there.



At the end of the day, we know there is a lot going on and a lot fewer resources to get done what you need to. But with a solid plan, some good Zoom calls, and the right message, we will make it through. 

Still feel overwhelmed? Looking for Netflix recommendations? Connect with us.