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Stories Matter: Charles

1 minutes

Stories Matter: Charles from Rule29 on Vimeo.

The first Thursday of every month, the Rule29 team gets an energy boost. We experience Charles.

Charles is our local Orkin “bug guy.” Arguably (and I am), Charles is the best pest control provider you will ever meet. Sure, we still have ants from time to time. Heck, who knows what we have in our basement – but honestly, we don’t care.

About a year ago, the office was experiencing a pretty tense day. A number of deadlines were pressing and everyone was face planted into their screens. But then Charles showed up to do his regular gig. Spray a little here. Spray a little there. Sing a little diddy (Charles is a frequent singer). And a little small talk with the team. Charles finishes up and then leaves…. and it was at this moment, that the entire office realized something.

Everytime Charles shows up… he shifts the room.

Maybe it’s his smile. Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s the banter. Either way, we’re better off when Charles is around. And we figured you’d be too if you had  a chance to experience his story.  Enjoy the next installment in the Stories Matter series.