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Storytelling Through Tacos

4 minutes

We create and design a variety of different tactics to explain your key message in a succinct and approachable way. There are a lot of different strategies to do this whether it is through a full brand strategy, a revised brand or website, an infographic, a sell sheet, a powerpoint and the list goes on. If you’re curious about our capabilities check out the full list here. 

Something we get asked a lot is- what’s the best presentation method for my specific project that is produced on a smaller scale? This is something we, of course, can help you hone in on as we learn more about your goals and objectives. But when thinking about your desired outcome, it is helpful to know the benefits to each deliverable. For ease of reference, we broke down some different methods out for you that can continue to tell your story. 


An infographic is helpful when you are trying to communicate information using data, copy or a combination of the two. Infographics are the most beneficial when you can have large number call-outs that quickly grab attention and present the value proposition of your message. 

For example, here’s 2 ways to say the same thing but one is better presented within an infographic. 

Which caught your attention, first? Both? Because you like tacos? We are going to be good friends. Anyway now, let’s focus! Tacos. No, sorry! Infographics. 65% of people are visual learners so presenting information with the use of infographics is a great way to get your point across when the opportunity is available. Infographics make learning easy. What’s better than that? Next up: Sell-sheets


Sell-sheets are primarily text-driven with the use of icons and illustrations to break up content. To avoid becoming overwhelming, we recommend having all key important information found in a short(ish) paragraph and break down key data points with the use of icons and illustrations. Seems simple enough? Enjoy this sell-sheet on tacos. do you see a theme here?


Sell-sheets allow information to be driven that can’t be broken down numerically. They can be great leave behind pieces to remain top-of-mind and can be shared via email as well. Pro-tip: for a user to download a sell-sheet from you, request their email. That way you can add them to your database as well. Well, aren’t we having fun? Why stop there? Time to head to POWERPOINTS!


Ahhhh, PowerPoints. We all love them. We love keynotes more, but let’s face it. PowerPoint runs the world and that’s what we really want to help you do. Run the world. Or at the very least, run YOUR world. 

PowerPoints are great when you have a large amount of information that just cannot be broken down in any way. However, there is a caveat to that. And we are going to get real with you right quick if that is alright? We feel like we are at that point in the relationship.

PowerPoints should not be filled with text page after page.

…We said it. Are we cool? 

Remember what we learned earlier? About 65% of people are visual learners? This doesn’t mean if you put it on a screen they will come. This means we have to create content that can be broken down, understood, and presented (like the boss you are). 

Here are 2 examples of slides that break it down visually and can allow you to tell the story and demand attention. 



These two slides are a great example of providing the visuals for a story but needing a presenter to elaborate to drive the point home. A visual PowerPoint keeps your audience engaged and activated. Your message is important, make sure people are still awake to hear it. 

To conclude, we hope you learned a little thing or two and really hope you are hungrier for tacos. We love thinking through these solutions and coming up one that is tailored to you, your audience, and your goals. Need help strategizing one of the above or more? Contact us

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Your message is important, make sure people are still awake to hear it.

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