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Bob believes his life is (actually) a music video…

Connect with Bob

Bob’s prior experience in production and storytelling has proved crucial for most R29 projects. As our Creative Producer, Bob helps our clients not only understand their story, but the appropriate means of communicating it. This not only requires diverse knowledge in numerous (creative) matters, but an appropriate understanding of customer engagement and the way people think—all of which Bob is happy to obsess over.

Before working at Rule29, Bob co-founded both a local and virtual artist community called rednow.com—an experimental community committed to archiving, exploring, and experiencing the “art of wonder” via music, film, thought, design, and storytelling. Consequently, Bob oversees our creative writing and digital film production. Bob’s obsession with all things wonder(full) goes beyond the studio…he watches 100+ films every year, frequents the concert circuit, loves palindromes, and wishes he was Ira Glass. You can often find Bob helping serve delicious yum at his restaurant in Glen Ellyn called Blackberry Market (that his lovely wife owns/operates). Above all, Bob finds both life’s beauty and joy in his wife and three kids. (And yes, the team felt that this stand-in photo was too good to pass on.)