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César Godínez Headshot

César Godínez


César is always looking for someone to play Mario Kart with.

César Godínez was born in Mexico City, and is a designer specializing in motion graphics. When he was young, an accident leading to fractured bone left him feeling restless. His parents, trying to keep him relaxed, gave him some coloring pencils and paper. It was this that led him to develop a taste for art, which later turned into a love of design.

César studied Visual Information Design and appreciates and knows the importance of visual communication. He has a strong passion for creating visuals, whether it’s through drawing, design, or video, and not knowing how to bring his ideas to life won’t stop him. César is always looking to learn new things! Outside of work, César loves traveling – from working in New York and Washington D.C. to backpacking around Europe, he can’t get enough of seeing what the world has to offer.

César Godínez Headshot

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