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Dawn Bjork

Director of Operations

Ryan Gosling may be taken but Dawn isn’t.

As studio manager, Dawn ensures that our clients are well taken care of by helping us to excel in communication, details and thoroughness, no matter the shape or size of the project. Her fashion design background not only keeps us up on the latest trends, but adds to her ever-growing wardrobe. Her attention to detail, aesthetic consistency, and thoroughness on projects makes her the linchpin of the Creative Matters process. Know what “polymath” means? Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of our very own Dawn Bjork (alongside some of the other greats like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo, of course).

In her free time you will probably find her spending her time with her main man Ryan Gosling, going on long walks and cuddling with her adorable puppy named Chewy, or dreaming about the next clothing purchase she will make for her personal mall (i.e., closet). She also loves eating yummy food, drinking delightful drinks, and driving around in her Volkswagon Convertible Beetle with the top down and forcing her BFF Kylie to ride along, even though she hates it so much.

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