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Emily Taylor

Director of Accounts

Emily is 1/8 Czech, a British Citizen, and 100% Texas.

Emily is based in Dallas, where she was born & raised. Most 13-year-olds don’t know what they want to do, but Emily was collecting print ads she thought were clever and plastered them all over her bedroom walls. After studying advertising & art at Pepperdine University, she hopped the pond for jolly ol’ England only to return 15 years later.

Emily has worked in international media for global clients, creative & production management for arena events, business development and marketing for hospitality & tech startups. Emily is creative, solution-oriented, and most of all loves to find a better way of working, helping clients reach their goals, and communicating a brand story.

As an Enneagram 7, Emily is full of energy, always looks for the positive and has countless outside hobbies and interests. One of her life mantras is “Not all who wander are lost”, which often leads to her traveling the world and wandering cities aimlessly. Lately her creative outlets have been co-labs with her daughters, from baking to painting.

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