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Janelle Simmons Headshot

Janelle Simmons

Production Designer

One of Janelle's dreams is to acquire a hype-man to accompany her in her day to day life.

Identifying and solving problems using design is Janelle’s jam. There are few things she finds more satisfying than using her attention for detail and creativity to think up multiple solutions to a problem. Whether it’s designing an app to be more accessible or laying out a multipage publication, she loves it all.

Driven and passionate, Janelle recently decided to go back to school to pursue her dream of using her artist talents and abilities. All while raising three children and helping take care of the household with her husband. None of which would have been possible without her incredible ability to multitask and time manage. In her spare time (insert sarcastic laughter) Janelle enjoys spending time with her husband Justin, her three kids Elle, Kyla and Talon, playing video games, reading books, especially Harry Potter, and playing sports together.