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Kyliegh Karas

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Kyliegh loves puzzles; she sees everything in life as a design problem to be solved.

Not to brag, but she was beating adults at Barney puzzles at age 2; it’s kind of her thing. With a background in digital marketing and design, Kyliegh uses this puzzle framework in everything she does, creating an effective strategy that takes brands to the next level. She lives for the thrill of connecting seemingly disconnected pieces and watching amazing things happen. You may have 99 problems, but she’s got 100 solutions.

As a teammate and creative partner, Kyliegh strives to be relentlessly helpful. She’s grateful that her experiences have brought her to Rule29 and given her the opportunity to help build impactful brand stories that truly connect with people.

Kyliegh used to have a multi-hyphenate personality until she adopted her dog, Bernie; now having a dog is her personality, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. When she’s not doting on her pup, Kyliegh enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, bingeing true-crime series, indulging in a nice glass of wine, and rooting for her team (Go Blue!).

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