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Mary Guccione

Brand and Marketing Strategist

Mary's always cookin' up fun. And a little strategy.

A sucker for a good ‘to do’ list and tackling projects that need some strategy, Mary Guccione fits the role of Brand and Marketing Strategist perfectly. With a background in journalism, more than two decades of marketing, and a former small business owner, Mary can approach projects from multiple angles, offering clients fresh ideas, solid strategies and Creative that Matters to them and their brand.

When work ends, Mary can be found looking for new ways to entertain or create works of art. A Sommelier, Mary is a consummate entertainer with her husband and Chef, Doug. Together, they love to throw wine pairing parties, pasta making classes, and wine tastings. When these aren’t happening, you can bet you’ll find Mary painting a mural somewhere in her house or creating works of art out of all the wine corks she’s somehow collected.


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