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Wes Piper

Senior Developer

Wes is a builder, a maker, a devotee of craft.

Wes has found his way in many crafts throughout his adult life. He even married a woman with the last name Kraft! Before he ever wrote his first line of Javascript, he spent a few years in Northern Ireland getting a degree in Irish lit and being an amateur writer. He eventually found work in the book publishing industry back in his home state of Nebraska. But that wasn’t close enough to the craft — not his calling.

Wes took a chance to find a calling in a new craft. Code has been his craft for the last decade. He has always loved to build things, and coding is a way to practice that. Web development is creating and building. Just like building anything else, in web you build a strong foundation, some sturdy walls, and adorn it all with some thoughtful design.

Wes is even a builder in his free time. Most weekends you’ll probably find him making sawdust in his small garage woodshop. Otherwise he and his wife spend most of their time with their two beloved dogs, Penny and Ruby.

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