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Zach Amato


Zach references Star Trek TNG more often than not.

When Zach was 12 years old, he told his grandpa he wanted to be a “Logo Designer” without knowing what that truly was at the time. His grandpa didn’t hesitate to hand over his old drafting kit. This act helped develop his passion and love for the craft. Zach believes in beautiful, but functional design and is obsessed with details (as in 50,000% zoom to make sure every line or design element is just right).

Outside of design, you can find him with a fresh cup of coffee and 47 videos deep into YouTube watching anything educational to “Why is My Cat Overweight?” Zach also enjoys a freshly groomed beard, spending time with his wife and daughter, caring for his two cats and dog and recreationally rocking out on his 1960’s Ludwig drum kit.

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