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Crafted by Rule29

Thanks is giving

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As the holiday season rolls around, it’s easy to get caught in the minutia of planning and parties and to forget the significance of why we sit around a table and break bread. After all, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to give thanks. Amidst all of the expensive gifts and extravagant festivities, saying “thank you” or “I’m grateful for you” could be the greatest gift you give someone this holiday season. Gratitude is giving the gift of your humble appreciation for a person’s hard work, or more importantly, just for who they are. Thanks is giving.

So, we created this special template for your Thanksgiving meal: a set of three delectably typeset place cards with a dash of harvest colors just for your turkey day table (or any time, really). Download, print them out, cut & fold, and write a quick note on the inside to your recipient. It’s a simple way to let someone know you appreciate them!

(And, for a little more inspiration about giving thanks, check out chapter 19 in Life Kerning).

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?