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Season 7 | Episode 43

The Design Of a Matchmaker for Donors and Charities: Meet Scott & Madison from eMite

1 minutes

Design Of Logo Scott and Madison Toal are the father-daughter duo behind eMite, a non-profit dedicated to connecting donors with impactful charity around the world. Serving people throughout the globe has a family lineage and means a great deal to these leaders aiming to bring all ages and at any donation amount into the celebration of giving. Described as a “matchmaker for donors and charities”, eMite’s mission is to join givers and charities in first-class, trustworthy humanitarian outreach. In our fast-paced world, the wonderful benefits that generosity provides can often be lost. eMite strives to reveal those benefits and build a community of givers who are making an impact on the world.

Madison and I avoiding eating the mushy stuff:)

Carlos always working for the shot – capturing the celebration!

The project we witnessed with them: