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Portrait of Carl Honore with DesignOf Podcast Logo Portrait of Carl Honore with DesignOf Podcast Logo
Season 8 | Episode 47

The Design Of Building a Slower (and Better) Life: Meet Carl Honoré

1 minutes

Design Of LogoDo you live in fast forward? Always rushing, always busy, always distracted? Do you yearn to slow down? These are just a few of the questions our guest, Carl Honoré, asked himself years ago. This has led him on an epic journey to understand the concept of slowing down and to help others learn to see that we live in a world addicted to speed, and that slowness is a superpower. Carl is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker. His first TEd Talk called the Power of Slow has over 3.2 million views! He is considered THE voice of the global Slow Movement and many refer to him as the Guru of slow. Slow down, pause, and take time to hear Carl’s story – enjoy the show!