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Season 8 | Episode 53

The Design Of Creating Space for Receiving Magic in Life and Business: Meet Patty Lennon

1 minutes

Design Of LogoThis episodes guest writes something that I think may resonate with you: When you’re constantly focused on what you can do for others, how you can show up in the world and “make things happen”, without balancing that effort with rest, support and love you end up exhausted and overwhelmed or worse, you start to lose sight of possibility and your sense of purpose.

Patty Lennon’s mission is to ensure that you and every other good person know exactly how to build those receiving muscles so that life feels easier and love expands in your life. Because Patty believes: You are not alone. The Divine loves you. The Universe does have your back. You just need to learn how to receive at the same level you give to experience that love and support.

I’m excited to share Patty’s story and the magic she helps people find – so my friends be open, enjoy, and great ready to receive.