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Season 7 | Episode 44

The Design Of Kindness and High Performance: Meet Ed Hess

1 minutes

Design Of LogoWe all have the potential to step up and help those around us. The question is: will you do that when the situation presents itself? If we take an honest look back we will see and remember the people who extended a helping hand. This episode highlights the incredible story of Ed Hess, one of the preeminent authority figures on organizational and human high performance. A Professor Emeritus at the Daren School of business, Ed has much to share about learning, technology, culture, and kindness. Hear how those who have helped him get to where he is freed his mind and opened his eyes to new opportunities and the importance of helping those around you be the best version of themselves. What started as a humble beginning was changed forever by the kindness of the most unexpected people in his community. Get ready to hear Ed’s story.

Ed’s Hyper Learning Road Map (full version here)