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Season 8 | Episode 52

The Design Of Writing, Collaborating, and Authoring Your Dream: Meet Travis Thrasher

2 minutes

Design Of Logo Travis Thrasher has known since the third grade that he was meant to tell tales and shape big ideas. His dream of being an author led him to write original works for over a decade — ranging from fiction to nonfiction to children’s books.

Travis and Ty Pennington

Travis’ unique talent has resulted in many unique experiences including collaborative writing for a range of celebrities including musicians such as Blake Shelton, Johnny Swim, and Jonathan Cain from Journey, reality TV show host Ty Pennington, SNL comedian Chris Katton, and White House Chef Andre Rush — just to name a few.

Travis with Maya Moore Irons and Jonathan Iron

Get ready to listen to the chapters of Travis’ life and be inspired by everything that can happen when you decide to finally write the story that you’ve always dreamed of.

Find Travis at the Johnny Swim Concert 🙂

Check out Travis’s books at his site