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Portrait of Justin Ahrens Portrait of Justin Ahrens

Our Latest LinkedIn Learning Class: The Science Behind Building an Authentic Brand

1 minutes

An authentic brand is a powerful brand. It knows who its audience is, what they want, and how to reliably deliver it. It doesn’t have to try hard or fake anything, its sincerity can rise above the clamor. But, how do you create an authentic brand? Seems like it should be easy, but in actuality, there is a science to building a brand that is truthful. And we’re ready to share the formula. In his newest LinkedIn Learning course, our very own Justin Ahrens explores the research and processes that go into finding your brand’s focus and explains the building blocks of a successful brand—one that can not only deliver on its promises, but also live its values. 

Visit LinkedIn Learning to learn more about identifying your brand’s personality, what authenticity means to your customers, and the power of consistency and truth.