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Universities and Design Firms, Unite!

1 minutes

It’s no secret that we here at Rule29 have always valued the innovation and creativity of students and professors at universities. After all, these are the design leaders of the future; we want to have as many opportunities to be a part of their formation and learn from their collaboration as possible.

We believe that when you have a project that requires out-of-the-box thinking and conscientious results (especially in Design for Good work), there’s rarely a better environment than a university. You’d be hardpressed to find a group of people more eager to work hard and make a difference in the world. But where do you begin? And how do you maximize impact for everyone involved?

Take a moment to read our most recent article in Fast Company Exist. It is our hope that it will help you learn more about how you can create opportunities to work with institutions of higher education and develop projects that can inspire change, both inside and outside the classroom.