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Have you ever wondered “Does my vote matter?” or “Should I vote?” We are here to tell you that we think the answer is, “YES!” To help you make an informed voting decision without becoming overwhelmed, Rule29 curated This is a resource to help educate those who visit the site on the major topics that are being discussed this election season. 

We know that this is a big decision, so please, check out the site and see where the candidates stand on the topics that are important to you so you know just who to vote for in November. We’ve also created free downloads that include backgrounds, gifs, and social stories so you can encourage others to vote, you go-getter, you!

The first 200 people to pledge to vote in person or mail-in (we have that info for you too) this election will be sent a button with “I Voted” stickers to share with and inspire others to use their voice to make a difference. Share on social media using #VoteForYou.