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Rule 19 Rule 19

We’re following our own Rules and taking a break!

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Taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health. We strive to live passionately in our own unique and personal ways. This means intentionally creating the time to take a break, see new places, create our own personal art, or experience other cultures.

At Rule29 we are, of course, rule followers, so we are enacting our own Rule 19: Take Vacations! We understand the importance of creating solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful, unique and beneficial to your business. We also believe that taking time to recharge is the key to living our best lives and helps us Make Creative Matter in the most effective way for our clients.

To further this commitment, Rule29 will be closing our office from July 3-7 for a mid-Summer break to take time to refresh and recharge.