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Wheels4Water: 1,000+ miles complete!

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What started off as a pipe dream last summer ended after 15 days on the road, 1,205 miles, and over $93,000 raised to provide safe water and sanitation resources for 2,350 people in Lira, Uganda.

On May 30th, the Wheels4Water team set off from Boston Harbor with Justin, Brian, and Ryan on their bikes and Rob, Tony, and Jose in the support vehicle. We knew that the journey would be long and difficult (and, at times, it was) but we were overwhelmingly surprised by what a rich and impactful experience it was, too. Along the way, we encountered plenty of ravenous dogs, rainy days, dead ends, kind people, and beautiful scenery. Over and over again, we were reminded (as we filtered our own water) about the importance of safe water and sanitation, and the difficulty that it poses when those resources aren’t readily available. It was a humbling experience to say the least. In case you missed it, you can watch the series of recap videos that we created.


Although the ride is over, we are continuing to raise money throughout the year (visit our website to donate) and we are also committed to riding the additional miles that we raised (1,118 miles) over the summer. Stay tuned for the rides – we’d love for you to join us! Also, be on the lookout for another Wheels4Water event in 2015…more on that to come.