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Wheels4Water: The Official Cause of HOWLive!

1 minutes

The goal was simple: Have the creative community raise enough funding for 100 children to get clean water for life ($4,000) during the week of the conference. We designed our booth and produced it in partnership with founding sponsor, O’Neil Printing, and created all of our materials in conjunction with O’Neil and our official paper sponsor and Day 2 jersey sponsor, Appleton Coated Paper. Armed with a team, high hopes, a solid social media strategy, and full support from the amazing Team at HOW, we were ready! During opening night of the conference, we introduced the challenge to the 3,000+ attendees and gave them a vision of the creative community coming together to create positive social change. After the presentation, we were overrun at our booth with questions, support, and interest. One of our attractions was two unique stationary bikes, designed by Chicago non profit, Working Bikes (check them out too), that allowed attendees to pedal a mile, and O’Neil Printing would donate $40 towards the ride. By the end of day of the conference we not only went over $18,000, we decided to doubled our goal and are expecting to reach that too.