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When the Cows Come Home…

1 minutes

Apart from the legend of our great city’s destruction and rebuild, Chicago has had a long legacy with cows. Back in 1910, there were over 200 milk bottlers in Chicago proper. McHenry was the 3rd largest dairy producing county in country and Kane was the 4th. However, over the last 100 years the dairy industry has relocated outside the Chicago region. In fact there is currently no milk bottled within 40 miles of the Chicago city limits! But that’s all about to change…


Enter: 1871 Dairy. With a direct-from-farm-fresh approach, 1871 has a goal to not only restore the dairy industry in Chicago, but to also provide dairy consumers with the best in the business – glass-bottled, organic, non-homogenized milk that comes from grass-grazed cows on local, Chicago area farms. Can you get much better?

1871 approached Rule29 to help them tell their story and to provide a new identity for the brand. We’ll be sharing more of this work in the next few weeks, but for now, know that we are more than excited to be working on such an exciting new concept (and we are especially excited that the cows are coming home to Chicago)!